Tracy Beaker told the Tories to 'bog off' and it was iconic

Tracy Beaker told the Tories to 'bog off' and it was iconic
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When Tracy Beaker isn’t causing trouble at the “dumping ground”, setting fire to Cam’s kitchen or making Elaine the Pain’s life a misery, she’s *checks notes* a political activist, apparently?

Actress Dani Harmer, who is known known for her portrayal of Tracy Beaker – a loveable orphaned hell raiser created by author Jacqueline Wilson – has made her feelings on the UK’s general election very clear.

Outside her acting work Harmer often appears at nightclubs as a guest DJ. During one of these appearances in Cambridge, she was videoed by student Dominic Craddick, screaming:


If you’re confused, “bog off” is one of Beaker’s most used phrases. During her adventures in the care home she calls “the dumping ground”, she’s been known to shout this phrase at just about anyone who crosses her - especially her nemesis Justine Littlewood.

The clip went viral on social media, with Craddick’s post amassing over 35,000 likes in just a few hours.

People were, to put it lightly, completely obsessed.

As for the rest of the characters, here’s our prediction of their political allegiance.

Tracy: Labour

Cam: Green

Justine Littlewood: Tory

Justine's dad: Brexit Party

Louise: Liberal Democrat

Elaine the pain: Independent Group for Change

Lol/Bouncer: Monster Raving Loony Party

The Wellards: Communist Party of Britain

If you think about it, Harmer (in character as Tracy Beaker) being political makes sense. It’s pretty radical, and sadly unusual, for a popular children’s TV show to focus on stories about children in care.

It remains to be seen whether, on 12 December, voters will make Beaker/Harmer's "dreams come true" (make my world come true). But she'll likely doubt be hoping that someone other than the Tories "will win some day".

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