A bizarre aspect of the coronavirus outbreak has been people avoiding Corona beer, which is a pretty ridiculous thing to even consider.

If you thought that was strange, wait until you hear why people were Googling about a 2010 animated Disney film.

Tangled, which is the tale of Rapunzel, the girl who is locked in a tower by her mother and grows her hair to escape isn't a film that many people have thought about recently unless they've just booted it up on Disney+.

However, a bizarre phenomenon has emerged which resulted in Tangled becoming one of the most searched Google terms in the US in relation to coronavirus.

The question is:

What was the name of the kingdom in ‘Tangled'?

Can you guess what it is? Yes, it's Corona.

Unsurprisingly, people are pretty shaken (especially as Rapunzel was locked in her tower for 18 years) and took to Google to see if it was actually true.

This is obviously just a pure coincidence and there is no way that the makers of the movie could have predicted the coronavirus outbreak.

The Google trend spike was probably due to the number of people who are bored while being quarantined at home and just wanted to see if what people were saying on Twitter was real.

Most Google trends in the United States have revolved around which states are ordering people to stay at home and, on a much cuter note, National Puppy Day.

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