In an instance of truth being stranger than (pulp) fiction, last night John Travolta gave the MTV VMA award to a drag queen instead of Taylor Swift, and it goes without saying that the internet went to town.

While presenting the award for the Video of the Year, the veteran actor tried to hand the Moon Man award to Ru Paul's Drag Race alumni Jade Jolie, reports E News.

With an expectedly confused look, the drag queen responded with an effortless shake off and even gave Travolta a small side hug. Eventually, Swift was bestowed with the award, but Travolta's slip up had already gone extremely viral.

In Travolta's defence, Jolie is famous for her impression of the 29-year-old pop star, and does have almost exactly the same hair cut, so, the mix up is somewhat excusable.

As you can imagine the moment quickly became a hilarious meme.

Other people were more interested in Travolta's newly showcased bald head.

While some recalled the awkward time he called Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem". Yes, he really did that.

Well, better luck next time, John!

HT E News

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