These are the 10 most watched Oscar acceptance speeches of all time

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All eyes are on the 90th Academy Awards which will take place on Sunday. This year's ceremony will see a break from tradition as four actresses are expected to present the main acting awards.

It comes after a year of sexual misconduct incidents in Hollywood, especially those of Harvey Weinstein - a man who has claimed 81 Oscars over the years.

And once again, viewers will be looking on for moments of Oscar gold as the biggest names get up on stage to make their acceptance speeches. From shocked to happy to tearful, it’s an emotional moment for a actor.

To celebrate, here are 10 of the most watched Oscar acceptance speeches, according to YouTube figures.

Adrien Brody wins Best Actor 2003 The Pianist 5.2 million views

Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress 2010 The Blind Side: 5.2 million views

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress 2011 Black Swan: 5.6 million views

Tom Hanks wins Best Actor 1995 Forrest Gump: 6.1 million views

Roberto Benigni, Foreign Language Film 1999 Life is Beautiful: 7.3 million views

Jennifer Lawrence Best Actress 2013Silver Linings Playbook: 8.5 million

Kate Winslet, Best Actress 2009 The Preacher: 8.6 million views

Matthew McConaughey Best Actor 2014 Dallas Fires Club: 10.1 million

Heath Ledger wins Supporting Actor 2009 The Dark Knight: 10.2 million

Leonardo DiCaprio Best Actor 2016 The Revenant: 11.4 million

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