The Crown fan leaves people baffled with bizarre letter complaining about Prince Charles’s ‘fishing technique’

It’s not rare for shows to use a bit of creative licence.

Historical dramas like The Crown often play with the facts to make for a more compelling viewing experience.

The opening scene of The Crown’s fourth season, for example, entirely fictionalises Prince Charles and Diana’s original meeting.

Normally, people take that with a pinch of salt.

A certain viewer, however, is unwilling to accept one particular inaccuracy.

Writing to the editor of The Telegraph, Dominic Witherow from Woking expressed his fury at the show’s portrayal of fishing techniques.

Rather dramatically, he wrote: “As staunch royalists, my wife and I decided to watch the new series of The Crown so that we could pick away at its inaccuracies and untruths.”

He continued: “However, despite the ample warnings in the press, we were unprepared for the depth of injustice on display- particularly towards Prince Charles.”

Let that sink in.

Witherow then added: “The show’s portrayal of his fishing technique was utterly unjustifiable,”

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