Robert Peston's new politics show Peston on Sunday debuts this morning.

The longtime economics editor at BBC News jumped ship for ITV earlier this year and he and Allegra Stratton have clearly been working hard to get it off the ground:

The new show is sandwiched snugly between The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One and Sunday Politics on BBC Two, and is on at the same time as Murnaghan on Sky News. ITV execs hope it will bring a breath of fresh air to the already somewhat crowded Sunday morning politics telly roster.

But Media Monkey over at the Guardian noticed that the Peston on Sunday logo might be a classic design fail.

Faced with an image that combines the host’s initials, what Monkey thinks is that Pesto might be wise to reconsider the way one leg of the “R” juts out (possibly meant to be a tongue or jaw) so that it resembles, er, something male, dangling and limp in a blue condom. And the lack of Arsenal colours is disappointing too.

And they're not the only ones:

We leave it to you to decide...

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