The Simpsons may have made a new prediction and people are freaking out

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These The Simpsons predict the future stories are starting to get a little out of hand if you ask us.

Like, how did they seriously manage to predict that Donald Trump would become President 18 years ago?

Or how about the Winter Olympics? Or the Disney-Fox takeover? Or the date that Stephen Hawking would die?

It's all getting a bit too weird and suspicions for us now. What do The Simpsons' writers know that we don't?

The latest in these bizarre occurrences coincide with the imminent demise of the toy store Toys 'R' Us.

In the 2004 episode 'Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays' a group of disillusioned childless adults in Springfield set about destroying all the child-friendly things in the town.

They tear down a statue of cartoon heroes Itchy and Scratchy, burn toys and destroy 'children at play' signs yet the crucial moment comes when bartender Moe Szyslak scales a Toys 'R' Us store and turns around the letter R, which is usually displayed backward.

Here is the distressing and eerie moment for you to enjoy.

We should stress that the episode doesn't in any way suggest that Toys R Us was going out of business but the image of Moe defacing their logo is a little too much for some people to ignore.

However, we can't help but be a little sceptical of this one, as it is hardly a prediction just more of a visual gag for the purpose of the episode.

Others would seem to agree that this is a little tenuous.

Either way, this is a weird phenomenon that keeps happening and with 630 episodes under their belt, this trend is bound to continue.

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