There's going to be a new TV show called 'Brexageddon?!'

Picture: BBC/Youtube Screengrab
Picture: BBC/Youtube Screengrab

In a skit for a BBC special, a comedian tried to give Boris Johnson a book supposedly by Johnson himself, the title of which calls him a 'pathological liar'.

"Brexageddon?!" is the latest BBC programme from the minds of Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein that attempts to skewer politicians and the media with hidden cameras and zany caricatures.

The one-off special focusing on Brexit and the preceding campaign. The style is not dissimilar from the pair's previous series 'The Revolution Will be Televised'.

A clip released from the Brexit themed special shows Rubinstein attempt to congratulate Johnson for his new book, which for comedic purposes has been given the fictional title 'Boris Johnson: Pathological Liar'. This joke plays on the accusation that Leave mislead voters with spurious claims made during the referendum campaign, many of which were retracted the morning after the vote.

Video: BBC/Youtube

The skit is reminiscent of an earlier one when Prowse tried to give then-chancellor George Osborne a GCSE maths text book. (Because they disagreed with his economic policy. Geddit?)

Unfortunately for the team in the edit suite, politics has moved so quickly since June 22nd that many of these characters are now has-beens or else elevated to such an extent that the ridicule won't go far enough (looking at you Hammond, you silly grey haired, normal looking chancellor you).

On July 5th, Leave.EU released a video in which they claimed to have caught the BBC pair infiltrating their headquarters. In a chipper video posted to Leave.EU's Facebook page, Prowse and Rubinstein are shown on CCTV wandering around the campaign offices. In the post accompanying the video Leave.EU co-Chairman described them as 'More Bono than Bond', which even he would admit is not quite as catchy as 'Breaking point'.

Picture: Leave.EU/Facebook

Picture: Leave.EU/Facebook

The Brexageddon?! special airs on Tuesday night at 10pm on BBC 2.

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