Photo: Channel 5
Photo: Channel 5

We share a collective memory: being sent to our rooms as punishment for wrong-doing has been the quintessential form of punishment since the dawn of time.

Unless, apparently, you’re wealthy and spoiled.

That's the premise of a new Channel 5 show called Tribal Teens, which takes two rich teenagers whose parents have had enough of them, and carts them off... to the Peruvian rainforest.

Alex and Ethan, at sixteen and eighteen years of age, spent a week living with the Ashaninka tribe so that they can learn:

life isn't a bed of roses everywhere

Let that sink in for a moment.

They learn key life skills...

...and humility

and in the process of trials and tribulations, they "find themselves"

So there you have it, a top parenting tip:

When all else fails, send them on a slightly awkward orientalist journey of self discovery in a far off but decidedly interesting land.

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