Last week, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover almost broke the Internet when he dropped the video for his new song 'This is America.'

The video is a fascinatingly composed piece of visual art addressing America's ongoing troubles with racism, gun violence and police brutality. It quickly went viral and has over 99 million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

It has quickly been hailed as a masterpiece and - considering the important issues that it tackles in such a bold and uncompromising way - there were hopes that it wouldn't be turned into another senseless meme.

Sadly it is 2018 and anything that is remotely popular, regardless of quality or content, will become a meme. Therefore, we introduce to you 'This is America, so Call Me Maybe.'

Yes, that was a video mixing the music of Carly Rae Jepsen to the video of This Is America.

Now, we don't want to be detrimental to either song, which are both great- but maybe a little bit more thought and consideration should have gone into it before the creation of this meme.

The mash-up, which was made by YouTube user LOTI, has virtually become an overnight hit on the Internet and already has over one million hits on YouTube.

Despite going viral and popping up all over your timeline, people can't help but feel that making a joke out of 'This Is America' is completely missing the point of the song.

LOTI has attempted to address the controversy about the meme in a comment on the videos original YouTube page.

I just want to make this clear, my intentions weren't to be disrespectful to the message of the song. There are some very messed up things going on in America right now, racism-wise.

There's no denying it. This is just a s**tpost that spiralled out of control. I made it in 30 minutes and posted it to have a laugh with my friends.

It's not meant to offend, but for laughter. The original video for TIA caused a great conversation and still is. But most of the energy surrounding it is negative.

I wasn't purposefully trying to be ignorant to the climate we're in but I think the fact that so many people of all races are enjoying this is something to look at.

It's just a meme made to laugh at, nothing else.

HT Daily Dot

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