This is the biggest problem with toxic male characters

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If you're a consumer of pop culture you've probably binged watched Breaking Bad, learnt all the lines from Fight Club and read Catcher in the Rye, at least twice.

Like most people, you would have likely enjoyed them. You may have even taken some of their messages on board and possibly begun to idolise their main characters.

Yet there has been a long-running debate that characters like Walter White, Tyler Durden, Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle and even Rick and Morty's Rick Sanchez aren't actually the type of people - men especially - should be placing on a pedastal.

After all, they are all deeply troubled individuals, with a violent streak, a sense of nihilism and possess an uncanny ability to alienate their friends and loved ones.

Trying to explain that to a fan of said characters isn't always that easy and any debate is likely to be met with counter-arguments.

Thank God then for this exchange on Tumblr - later shared on Twitter by @Gw1Valentine - that finally summed the problem up in a nutshell.

The tweet has gone viral racking up more than 32,000 retweets at the time of writing and it's obvious everyone agreed with its message.

Another great thing emerged from this viral tweet, as they were able to track down the person who made the original post on Tumblr.

It belonged to podcast host Klaudia Amenabar and she and Gw1Valentine had a lovely exchange on Twitter, proving that it can be a nice place - sometimes.

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