Charlie Brooker's 2017 Wipe reveal what they were going to say about Trump and it is brutal

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Donald Trump is here everyone and he's doing things and seeing people in this country. Good grief!

As you are probably aware people aren't too happy about the controversial US President showing up on our doorstep and there are already protests going on.

Since his ascension to the Presidency, many things have been written and said about Trump, many of which aren't that complimentary.

After his first year in the job where he flirted with nuclear war, barely did anything to solve the suffering in Puerto Rico and failed to condemn white supremacists, amongst other things, there would have been a lot of material for comedians to work with.

One particular take that everyone was looking forward to was Charlie Brooker's 2017 Wipe, which always manages to provide a brutal, sarcastic and hilarious take on the years biggest events.

Sadly the show never went ahead to scheduling conflicts, which Brooker explained in November.

We thought that we'd never get to see the show's scathing takedown of the US President, but due to his arrival in this country the powers that be have sent us a lifeline.

Jason Hazeley, who is a colleague of Brooker's and an associate crew member of six previous yearly wipes has shared what they were going to say about Trump last year and it does not disappoint.

Warning: This contains language that some may find offensive.

What a glorious collection of words.

Just for fun here are our favourites from the list.

  1.  "A walking wig named after a fart"

  2.  "Ageing He-Man cosplayer dressed for a court appearance"

  3. "A billionaire bigot who looks a bit sweaty because he's trying to smuggle the prototype of a giant Shredded Wheat out of the factory by hiding it above his forehead"

  4. "A man who looks like a clingfilm bag of tinned frankfurters that's been kicked through a cobweb"

  5. "A soulless rich white male who claims to represent ordinary, hard-working people - in much the same way I could be said to represent the Brazilian grimecore community or the nineteen-headed creatures of the planet Blitheroid or the international carpet-eating association."

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