This video of David Attenborough narrating Trump might be the funniest thing you see today

This video of David Attenborough narrating Trump might be the funniest thing you see today

Donald Trump and David Attenborough are two people that you wouldn't expect to ever encounter each other but a new video, mocking the president, would suggest that they would make strange bedfellows.

In a new video released by The Lincoln Project, who are a group of disgruntled Republicans who want the president out of office, the president is transported straight into a David Attenborough nature documentary.

In the 'Nationalist Geographic' documentary, Trump is identified as 'Impotus Americanus' which is "notable for its exotic plumage" and is:

Typically a ruddy orange colour not found in nature.

The video continues by touching on Trump's alleged history of sexual assault and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein as well as having a poor diet consisting of nothing but fast food all done in the familiar tones that we have come to love from Attenborough (or at least a very good impersonator).

The video, which was shared on Friday evening has already been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter and people are loving it.

The Lincoln Project, whose primary aim appears to be to cost Trump the election by trolling him, have released many adverts where they compare Trump's comments on Ghislaine Maxwell to what he has said about female journalists and turning his bizarre 'person, woman, man, camera,TV' moment into a song.

This isn't the first time that Trump and Attenborough have unintentionally interacted. Here is the actual Sir David, commentating on when Trump tried to get down that ramp.

Who knows if this will be the last time they cross paths but if it were down to the Lincoln Project this type of mockery shouldn't be necessary after November.

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