TV host Jimmy Kimmel has mocked supporters of the QAnonconspiracy theory for claiming that former US president Donald Trump will be inaugurated back into the White House on 4th March.

The baseless and unfounded conspiracy claims Trump is at war with Satan-worshipping paedophiles in America’s elite, with their latest prediction being that the politician will be made president on 4th March – a previous date from 100 years ago in which presidents would be inaugurated.

In Wednesday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the presenter said: “The theory some of these QANuts are spreading is that [today] will be some kind of reawakening. Emperor Palpateeny-Hands will strike back [today], just like he was supposed to on 6 January.”

The January date was the day in which QAnon followers stormed the US Capitol building. The riots left five people dead and prompted Trump’s second impeachment before he was later acquitted in a trial by the US Senate.

Supporters of the claim about 4 March believe Trump will return to the White House as the 19th president, according to an act from 1871 which they believe changed the US into a corporation.

The argument is false, however, with Florida law professor Michael Morley telling The Dispatch in January: “The cited law organizes and recognizes the District of Columbia government at the time as a municipal corporation. It does not purport to turn the United States as a whole into a corporation. 

“The statute has no bearing on any candidate’s entitlement to the presidency,” he said.

Kimmel continued: “How many more times are these people going to prepare for a victory that doesn’t come?

“Donald Trump, make no mistake, and I’ll bet anything on it, will not be in the White House tomorrow, he’ll be at Mar-a-Lago, berating the maid for leaving one McNugget on his pillow,” he said.

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