Stephen Colbert announces 'Vladimir Putin' as the winner of Trump's rap challenge

In news that probably won't be of surprise, after all, it is 2019, Donald Trump has announced that he will be unveiling the winner of a 'MAGA rap challenge' which is in honour of him.

Yes, the actual president of the United States is going to be judging rappers who are singing songs about him in some sort of bizarre PR stunt, straight out of the film Idiocracy.

Trump confirmed this a few days ago on Twitter stating that the winners would be invited to the White House where they would have the chance to perform in front of the president.

We can't be sure how much knowledge Donald Trump has about hip-hop but there was that time where he hung out with Kanye West, so he's got some experience at least.

Beyond the surrealism of this whole thing, Trump has been receiving some entries for the competition and they have ranged from the awful to those hijacking the #MAGACHALLENGE hashtag to mock the president.

However, we're not sure if there will be a better entry than the one submitted by the host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert.

Sadly, it's not Colbert who is rapping but a dubbed video of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who is seen spitting his best bars whilst wearing a MAGA hat and gold chain.

Here are the lyrics of Putin's rhyme, just in case you aren't interested in watching the video.


About to win the rap tournament or MAGA challenge, whatever is the word for it.

Listen to the rhymes, you can see I'm out here earning this.

Killin' the beat, I'm pretending it's a journalist. 

I'm like if 2 Chainz annexed the Ukraine, I got more bars than 'Cocktail' on blu-ray.

Quid pro quo problems? Call Russia Today. You trust me more than your own CIA.

Invite me to the White House which I want badly. I've got ideas for next election, make you much happy.

Until then, I'll be out here having fun rapping. 

The new Puff Daddy, call me Bluff Vladdy.

We'll amass riches, doing bad business, no one ever finds out, I keep facts hidden.

Slick raps, even though I lack pigment.

Show some love, Donald, the way your dad didn't.

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