'Donald Trump' returns to SNL to play his own version of Wordle in cold open

'Donald Trump' returns to SNL to play his own version of Wordle in cold open
Donald Trump plays Wordle on SNL cold open

'Donald Trump' has made his eagerly awaited return to Saturday Night Live and much like everyone else, he is obsessed with Wordle.

Of course, it's not the real Trump but the character played by SNL cast member and possibly the greatest Trump impersonator on the planet, James Austin Johnson.

The latest edition of the long-running entertainment show opened with a parody of Laura Ingraham's Fox News programme where Kate McKinnon interviewed other cast members pretending to be prominent and controversial figures such as Ted Cruz, Novak Djokovic and Candace Owens.

The cold open-ended with Johnson returning as Trump complete with his spot on raspy take on the ex-president's voice. As Johnson often likes to do with this character he weaves in pop cultural and current affairs issues into the routine and what could be more current than wordle.

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While speaking to Ingraham, Trump plays his own version of Wordle but he has an interesting approach to playing the game.

He starts off with 'boost' a reference to the ongoing backlash that Trump is actually receiving from some Republicans for getting the Covid booster jab.

For his second guess, he bizarrely pivots to 'Mayer' as in the singer John Mayer, which he uses as a dig at Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

His next guess is something that wouldn't actually fly on real Wordle: an acronym. Trump goes with 'HIMYF' from the new sitcom How I Met Your Father starring Hillary Duff.

He then goes on to use the name 'Momoa' to talk about the recent split between celebrity couple Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet after 16 years together.

Trump calls Momoa a 'sexy devil' which nicely leads into his fifth word 'Prada'.

At this point, we should say that Trump has only managed to find three letters T, R and M but you can already see where this is going.

He finished by saying: "Prada is right next to Tiffany's and Tiffany is my daughter. 'Daughters' is by John Mayer and I'm going to run through the halls of your high school in 2024 when you reelect Trump. Wordle!"

Inevitably the word is Trump which would probably work on the real Wordle.

You can watch the entire cold open below.

Ingraham Angle Cold Open -

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