Trump's response to potentially losing the election is eerily reminiscent of political satire Veep

Considering how outlandish Trump’s entire presidency has been, it’s safe to say life has been imitating art a little too much.

And with all the confusion over Trump’s pleas to “stop the count”, people have noticed the resemblance between the election and HBO’s political satire show, Veep.

In the show’s fifth season, the presidential race is locked at 269-269 electoral votes between Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Bill O’Brien (Brad Leland). Meyer’s campaign manages to extend the deadline to have votes recounted, but once they realise the votes are from a military base that favours her opponent, her lawyers have to argue for stopping the count – and it doesn’t go down well.

The confusing mixed messaging feels eerily reminiscent of current events.

Then there was that period of the time when it seemed like the election hinged on Nevada, an event that also happened in Veep. The show’s prescience is surreal.

The opposing “stop the count” and “count the votes” protests? Veep did that.

Basically, Veep predicted a lot of things we’ve experienced in the past few days.

Don’t worry, the people behind Veep have noticed the similarities too. After someone jokingly tweeted to executive producer David Mandel that he should sue for copyright infringement, he replied that a “lawsuit would be as frivolous and ungrounded as any of the ones Republicans have filed since the election”.

There’s good news if you expect real life to keep playing out like a Veep episode: Meyer ended up losing that election.

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