Piers Morgan has reacted exactly as you'd expect to the news that Marks and Spencer will be making its Percy Pig sweet range completely vegetarian. Yes, he completely lost it.

After he made his thoughts on Gregg's vegan sausage rolls well known in January, this time the Good Morning Britain presenter has turned his ire on Percy Pigs, after Marks and Spencer announced it would be removing gelatin from the recipe.

The popular retailers already have a vegetarian version of the sweets available on the market, Veggie Percy Pigs, but have decided to make the change to the entire range following consumer demand, reports the Independent.

Speaking on the television show about the change, Morgan raged:

Vegans and vegetarians, go and get your own sweets! 

Right, go and get ones that aren't called Percy Pig. Go and get ones called 'Kale Niceies', go and get some 'Kale Niceies', that taste disgusting, but you can all feel happy because they're made of kale. 

Leave our pig sweets alone! 

While ITV weather presenter Laura Tobin took part in a taste test, concluding she couldn't actually taste the difference, Morgan was left squirming when he accidentally ate a vegan sweet, before spitting it out live on air.

Delightful behaviour, Piers. Your mother would be so proud.

To top it off, when co-host Susannah Reid asked him if he'd ever eaten the 'original' version, he admitted he never had:

No, but I'm about to eat them all the time. The old fashioned, gelatine ones.

Needless to say, people on Twitter had thoughts about Morgan's dramatic reaction.

Some were extremely rude.

And even pitying.

Others got involved in the vegan bashing.

Another summed it up.

HT Manchester Evening News

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