What House of Cards's Robin Wright has to say about US politics

Robin Wright, the actress who plays House of Cards's Claire Underwood, has said it's time for America to have its first female president.

Speaking in London at the world premiere of the third series of the acclaimed political drama Ms Wright said Americans were "overdue" a woman in the Oval Office.

"It’s a new way of thinking. We’ve always had gentlemen, and that is the different side of the brain, isn’t it?," she told the Telegraph.

Women are very communal and the study showed that men are much more combative and egomaniacal and ‘my way or the highway’ in a group setting. And that is why nothing f*ing gets through Congress.

  • Robin Wright

Her comments come at an interesting time in American politics with reports indicating that in April Hillary Clinton will launch her campaign to become the Democratic 2016 presidential nominee.

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