The 'real' reason Justin Bieber turned down Usher at the Super Bowl

The 'real' reason Justin Bieber turned down Usher at the Super Bowl
All the surprise guests from Usher's Super Bowl halftime show
Super Bowl LVIII, CBS

Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show featured a constellation of superstars, from Alicia Keys to H.E.R to to Ludacris.

And yet, many fans were left unsatisfied by the explosive display thanks to the absence of one man: Justin Bieber.

In the run-up to America’s most iconic sporting event of the year, rumours swirled around the ‘Baby’ singer's potential involvement.

The hitmaker arrived last-minute in Las Vegas on Saturday, fuelling speculation that he’d be part of the main event.

After all, surely he’d be joining his former mentor onstage?

Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Yes, the 29-year-old was filmed dancing during the spectacle – but not in the spotlight. He was simply grooving in the stands with his wife Hailey.

And yet, sources claim he could have performed if he’d wanted to. Indeed, Usher allegedly contacted his longtime friend personally to push for a collaboration.

“[He] reached out to Bieber about performing,” TMZ reported two days before the big game. “We're told there were no handlers involved on either side... they talked directly to each other.

“Our sources say they do not know the outcome of the talks, but Usher definitely wants Bieber to join him for what promises to be the most-watched Super Bowl in history,” the outlet added.

Of course, we now do know the outcome. And, now, we apparently know the simple reason why he declined the invitation.

A music industry source told Page Sixon Monday: “There’s no bad blood between Usher and Justin. Justin just wasn’t up for it — he just wasn’t feeling it.”

They stressed that Usher did his best to persuade his former protégé, and wanted to create a moment that paid tribute to their history together.

But Bieber wouldn't be swayed.

Usher had a major hand in launching the Canadian singer's career back when he was just a kid(Getty Images)

Some would-be sleuths point to the fact that the Canadian star has been taking things a bit easier after having been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

The rare condition occurs when shingles affects a person’s facial nerve, causing weakness on one side of the face and sometimes hearing problems.

And whilst the heartthrob seems to be coping well now, he revealed last year that the virus had caused paralysis in his face.

Yet, despite taking time out, he has since delighted fans with surprise performances including, most recently, at Drake’s Toronto club History earlier this month.

Still, a 2,500-capacity club is a bit different to one of the most-watched annual sporting events in the world.

Regardless of his reasons, he seems to have had a great time in the stands of the Allegiant Stadium.

And we, meanwhile, have had a great time looking at all the memes posted by crestfallen fans:

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