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A husband has been apparently caught red handed with another woman, during an episode of The Apprentice.

The reality series returned to BBC One earlier this week and one woman, who isn't a contestant on the show, got a little more than she bargained for during the premiere episode.

Rosa Silverman, a writer for The Telegraph, was sent a screen shot by her friend who thought she had spotted Rosa and her husband at a trendy hangout in Brixton that was featured in the episode.

Here's the scene:

Picture:Picture: BBC/iPlayer

The woman in question reportedly has the same colour hair as Rosa, their baby was in the shot and it was at a location near where they used to live.

Upon closer inspection however, she quickly deduced that it wasn't her at all. In The Telegraph she writes:

Except it wasn't me.

It was a woman with long dark hair who could have been me, had she not been wearing someone else’s coat and been much better groomed.

It was, therefore, Another Woman.

Rather than suspect the worst, Rosa remained calm about what she was seeing, admitting that if her husband was having an affair he was doing a pretty poor job of keeping it secret.

She continued:

Now, I have every confidence that if my husband were to have an affair, it’s unlikely he would pick a location so close to our house, take our baby along as a prop, and conduct the whole thing in broad daylight.

Next was the question of who the woman was. Rosa couldn't identify her from the back of her head and awkwardly her husband couldn't just flat out couldn't remember.

Thankfully, for all those involved, Rosa's husband did remember that the woman was a mutual friend of the couple and he even had evidence to prove it.

After some time, he finally remembered: the other woman was in fact one of our mutual pals.

He had further photographic evidence from the day itself to prove it. Not that I ever doubted him, naturally.

During this time she had been sharing the situation with her friends. However, once it had been resolved one friend, unhelpfully, added further paranoia to the situation.

Panic over, I told my friends. 'We’ve identified her.'

 (To which one helpfully replied: 'Why is the panic over just because it’s one of your friends? It’s still perfectly possible he’s cheating on you.')


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