Fans left confused by video appearing to show Will Smith getting teeth knocked out by Jason Derulo
willsmith / Instagram

Jason Derulo accidentally knocked Will Smith's front teeth out with a golf club.

Or at least that's what appears to happen in a video posted to Smith's TikTok and Instagram.

Derulo commented "I know a good dentist, text me back" on the post.

Smith then uploaded a photo of the two of them together with his front teeth missing.

Fans weren't sure what to think.

Some wondered whether or not the video is real.

But others took the video to be a prank.

The signs are there: Derulo's melodramatic acting, Smith's apparent lack of blood or pain and, of course, the fact that the club doesn't actually seem to touch him.

On top of this, both Derulo and Smith are notorious pranksters.

Earlier this year, Derulo claimed to have chipped his own teeth while taking part in the "corn on the cob challenge".

The 'challenge', which you should absolutely not try at home, involves people trying to eat a corn on the cob from the end of an electric drill.

The 'chips' have now disappeared from Derulo's teeth.

Who could forget, meanwhile, that time Will Smith climbed on top of the Chain Bridge in Austria to take part in the 'Shiggy Dance' craze?

It seems that the two pranksters decided they were due a collab.

If it turns out that Will Smith really does need emergency dental treatment, we'll keep you updated. But for now, it's safe to assume that his teeth are probably fine.

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