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Silk is now spreading conspiracies about her own sister's death

Diamond Hardaway of 'Diamond and Silk' cause of death revealed

Rochelle Richardson the “Silk” of the far-right duo Diamond and Silk has begun spreading conspiracies about her sister, Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway’s death.

In her first solo podcast episode since Hardaway’s death, Richardson shared fond memories of her sister, the impact of her death, as well as a new theory behind her passing: a bioweapon sprayed into the air.

Last month, Hardaway died at 51 years old from a heart condition due to chronic high blood pressure according to a death certificate obtained by the Associated Press.

Richardson has used her sister’s death as an opportunity to float some right-wing theories, including one associated with Covid-19 vaccine deaths.

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But now, Richardson is going with another vaccine theory.

“Are we being poisoned through the air?” Richardson asked her audience.

“On the last show that Diamond was on, she was concerned about something being sprayed in the air,” Richardson said. “And I agree with her; it was something being sprayed in the air, and now my sister is dead.”

During her sister’s memorial, in January, Richardson claimed Hardaway “suddenly” died and insinuated it may have to do with Covid-19 vaccines.

Despite both women being staunch anti-vaxxers, Richardson claimed the side effects from the vaccine could be transmitted through people, food, or air.

In her recent episode, Richardson said she was "unable to say directly" if her sister was vaccinated or not. She claimed it was for "legal purposes."

Instead, she asked listeners, "If you knew that the vaccine, the thing that they call a vaccine, was a bioweapon, would you take it?” Further insiuating the vaccine causes deaths and possibly contributed to her sister's death.

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