Footballer players wear bodycams during pre-season match

During a pre-season friendly between AC Milan and FC Köln, an ideal time for experimentation if there ever was one, several players wore body cameras and allowed viewers a rare opportunity to see a game from an entirely new perspective.

In the kind of footage usually only seen in episodes of Peep Show, fans were treated to the perspective of other human beings doing their thing. With a selection of players wearing cameras and microphones, this was a truly unique experience for supporters.

The entire experiment calls to mind a video game without the ability to actually control the players.

The game, dubbed an “innovation match” took place in Cologne and began with a bird’s eye view of the pre-match handshakes. Before the game began, the mics picked up the players uttering the kind of things heard on Hackney Marshes on a Sunday morning, ranging from “let’s go” to “come on”.

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The footage during corners is genuinely compelling as the ball is whipped in by the German side and the POV of the Milan defenders is genuinely quite daunting. One feels as close to the action as it’s possible to feel and the effect is disconcerting.

The highlight, without a shadow of a doubt, is the plethora of intriguing angles provided for Olivier Giroud’s delightful goal. First there is the assistant referee’s view and it’s abundantly clear he was correct to keep his flag down.

Best of all, though, is the viewpoint of Timo Hübers as he is left stranded while attempting to prevent Milan from taking the lead. It’s the Dunkirk of football camera angles, taking us as close to the experience of being there as technology will allow.

Watch the full unique highlights below:

1. FC Köln vs. AC Milan | Highlights | Innovation Match with Body Cams and Mic’d Up

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