Supposedly patriotic Americans cheer Team USA’s Olympics loss, again, because they don’t like Megan Rapinoe

Supposedly patriotic Americans cheer Team USA’s Olympics loss, again, because they don’t like Megan Rapinoe

Very Patriotic Americans™ are, once again, celebrating a Team USA Olympics loss despite their devout loyalty to the greatest country in the world — as long as you don’t include the women’s football team, or anyone who’s ever knelt.

Team Canada defeated the U.S. football team in a 1-0 match in the Olympics semifinals, beating their southern neighbours for the first time since 2001. And, like clockwork, conservatives have taken to the keyboards to drag the team — along with football star Megan Rapinoe, who they really, really don’t like — through the mud for what they perceive as Rapinoe’s — and social justice’s (?) — personal failure.

“The US Women’s Soccer Team went WOKE and now they lost to Canada. That’s what happens when you put political propaganda before sport and hard work,” Brigitte Gabriel, best-selling author and founder of the conservative group “Act for America,” wrote on Twitter.

Ben Shapiro also felt compelled to address the team’s loss, noting they are still “champions at kneeling.”

Other conservative accounts echoed the general sentiment.

Lavern Spicer, who is currently running for Congress in Florida, was sure to reiterate that while American World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe is indeed “on” Team America, she is not “for” Team America. We eagerly await evidence to support this claim.

Greg Kelly, a right-wing podcaster who is not a doctor despite this convincing diagnosis, believes the loss is the result of “SORE KNEES from all their KNEELING.” He also looks forward to not seeing “as much of the purple hair chick.”

Nick Adams, a best selling author who proudly boasts he was “endorsed by president Trump” in his Twitter bio, is also quite thrilled about his chosen country’s loss. “Australian by birth; American by choice,” the bio continues.

Fortunately, a random man named Steve who does not appear to be an Olympics or World Cup champion has some advice for the team.

It is unclear how many Olympics medals Rapinoe’s critics have as a collective.

The outspoken Candace Owens called Rapinoe an “anti-American piece of trash who does not represent our country, anywhere, ever.

Author, filmmaker and die-hard Trump supporter Dinesh D’Souza likened Rapinoe to crying like a baby following the team’s loss to Canada. He also gloated about cheering for the loss.

Elijah Schaffer, a host for Blaze TV also called Rapinoe fans ‘the lowest form of human.’

Many have also defended Rapinoe and the team against the wave of criticism being aimed at her and her teammates and questioned how her critics can call themselves Americans.

Rapinoe’s critics might wanna hold their tongues as Team USA still have a chance to bring home a medal, when they face Sweden, the team that beat them in their first game in Tokyo, in the bronze medal match on Thursday.

After the loss to Canada, the 36-year-old star said: “So it’s a bitter one. Obviously, there’s still a lot to compete for. That’s what I told the girls and what we talked about in the huddle. It’s not the colour we want, but there’s still a medal on the line. That’s a huge thing and we want to win that game, but yeah, this is ... this sucks. It sucks.”

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