YouTuber AngryGinge apologises for joining 'poverty' chant at Manchester United match

YouTuber AngryGinge apologises for joining 'poverty' chant at Manchester United match

YouTuber AngryGinge has apologised after joining a “poverty” chant while attending a Manchester United game.

The content creator has become a popular figure online over recent times and regularly hosts live streams based around football and gaming.

He’s now responded after being criticised for singing along to a song during Manchester United’s 3-0 win against Everton over the weekend at Goodison Park.

AngryGinge, real name Morgan Burtwistle, was accused of “mocking poverty” after taking part in the ‘feed the scousers’ chant.

Since the backlash, the streamer has posted a video apologising on Twitter/X, adding the caption: “Genuinely sorry for changing that chant. I didn’t think about what it meant, and as someone who comes from that background, I feel your anger and can only apologize. Genuinely am disappointed in myself and am very sorry.”

He also said: “I’m so sorry I sang that chant. I just got caught up in the moment and didn’t even think what it actually meant,” he said.

AngryGinge explained that he understood people's frustrations as he came from a background where food poverty was prevalent.

“I’m so sorry I sang it, genuinely I’m so sorry if I’ve offended you. I myself have come from that background 100 per cent, I have come up on a council state, £1 microwave meals every f***ing night,” he explained.

“I 100 per cent feel with you and sympathise with you. I’m so sorry I’ve said that. I genuinely meant nothing by it. I got caught up, I was singing the chants.”

He went on to say: “I’m deeply deeply so sorry if I’ve offended. I’m so disappointed, to be honest. I’m just so apologetic, I understand your anger 100 per cent. It’s f***ing wrong, it is.”

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