BBC reporter gets drowned out by bagpipes, handles it like a champ

While most rugby fans have been preoccupied by the tense opening round displays on the pitch last week, one Six Nations performance went slightly under the radar.

In the build-up to England's clash against Scotland at Murrayfield, BBC Sport's Joe Wilson was delivering a report to the World News studio when, all of a sudden, the loudspeakers all started to conspire against him.

We may be serenaded by the pipes and drums... the band is just starting up... oh, as is the PA announcer... Now, I think we may have a national anthem rehearsal, Mark.

Which would be a real treat, wouldn't it..?!

But what could have been a bit of a nightmare moment was handled excellently, as Wilson finished his report while barely batting an eyelid.

Leading to the admiration of the presenter in the studio, as well as his colleague Dan Walker:

You can watch the whole performance below:

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