Boris Johnson's tweet about the Rugby World Cup final was wrong on so many levels

Boris Johnson's tweet about the Rugby World Cup final was wrong on so many levels

England have lost the Rugby World Cup final, going down 12 - 32 to South Africa, in an emphatic victory for the Springboks in Japan.

As you can imagine, the spirit of the nation has been left a little deflated after the blow but the English spirit preserves through adversity.

Perhaps no one summed up how proud we all are of the England team than this tweet from our own prime minister, Boris Johnson.

Not exactly the most inspiring thing we've ever seen, but he is campaigning in a general election right now so maybe we should give him a break?

Or maybe not.

As eagle-eyed folks on Twitter have noticed Johnson, or whoever runs his Twitter account, posted this message, quite late into the second half when any chance of an England comeback was seemingly over.

Was he hoping for a dramatic resurrection from the team or had he simply forgot to tweet about the match?

Also, what on Earth is that TV set up all about? TV on top of an MDF unit, on top of a round table with a cloth on it and in front of a bookcase, blocking an apparently open cupboard?

Another question; why is he wearing a shirt underneath his England rugby jersey?

As you can imagine, the image has become an instant meme, with many people changing what Johnson is watching on his telly.​

Still, we're not entirely sure whose tweet was worse. Johnson's or Labour MP, Lindsay Hoyle.

At leas the PM is actually watching the TV.

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