British wrestler blames a loss on Boris Johnson in hilarious rant against prime minister

British wrestler blames a loss on Boris Johnson in hilarious rant against prime minister

Thanks to Donald Trump, American politics and professional wrestling has a surprising amount of crossover but it rarely happens here in the UK.

However, that might all change now that Boris Johnson is the prime minister and at least one wrestler isn't best pleased about the news.

British wrestler, Zack Sabre Jr, who is an unashamed socialist, Labour supporter and even sells a T-shirt that denounces the Conservative Party, was apoplectic at the news of Johnson's ascension to the top of the UK government.

He was so perturbed by the fact, that he has since claimed the distraction has caused him to be eliminated from New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax, a 20 man, points-based, round-robin, two-block tournament, regarded as the most prestigious tournament in Japan.

Following a loss to a wrestler called EVIL on Saturday that left him mathematically unable to win his respective, Sabre Jr went ballistic and blamed the humiliation all on Johnson.

Smashing a chair against the wall and floor, the exasperated 32-year-old from Kent, who is the current Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion said:

Boris Johnson is the s**ding prime minister of a real country, not a joke country, a real country!

I entered the G1 but I can't concentrate because I read the news all day. Boris toffing-Eaton-w**ker-Johnson-t**ser.

I'm the British champion, I have to care about these things. All you dips**ts talk about wrestling but I have to care about current affairs because otherwise I'll walk around looking like a pillock.

This championship represents Boris Johnson! Boris Johnson! And now I have two points. 

I've dealt with the fact that I can't win all nine matches. I dealt with it very amicably, very mature and then this! Two points! All I've got is two points. 

I've got four matches left. If I win those four matches I'll have ten points but ten points still mean that Boris is the prime minister. 

If I can't reach the finals, I will dedicate the rest of this tournament to ruining the chances of whoever I face. I will ruin their G1 because mine is ruined because of the Conservative Party.

Nine years of British austerity. That's all going to get better, is it? You can all laugh at me having a little breakdown but the British economy fails because of no-deal, yeah, the global economy is going to fail and I'll be laughing because I warned you morons.

Sabre Jr, tweeted a video of the rant accompanied with a caption reading "Boris Johnson ruined my G1" and it has prompted many funny replies.

True to his word, Sabre Jr said that he plans to make everyone he faces in the rest of the tournament suffer because of the PM and even tweeted a match graphic of himself against Boris Johnson, who was superimposed on the body of his opponent for Tuesday, fellow Brit Will Ospreay (spoiler: Zack won).

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