Oldham will not be signing convicted rapist Ched Evans, despite their chairman saying yesterday there was an 80 per cent chance the deal would go through.

i100.co.uk understands the signing has fallen through in due to the opposition the transfer faced from the public and threats from sponsors they would walk away if it was completed.

According to the BBC, Oldham pulled the plug on the deal after "threats to staff and their families".

BBC News sport correspondent Natalie Pirks tweeted that one board member was threatened with the rape of his daughter if Evans was signed.

Yesterday, the chairman of the League One side, Simon Corney, told the Jewish Chronicle the club believed Evans, 26, had "served his time".

"There might be a cost implication, but you have to stick to your principles. We weren’t surprised by the backlash," he said.

Last night Nando's became the latest sponsor to end its relationship with Oldham as it appeared the Evans deal was inching closer.

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