Chelsea are having a hard time and this fan is spectacularly angry

Chelsea lost 3-1 to Southampton at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, making it their worst start to a top-flight league season since 1978/79.

With just eight points after eight games, the players look unhappy and manager Jose Mourinho has even called it the worst period of his career.

But spare a thought for the fans - following one of the most expensive clubs in the country - who have had to watch their beloved team fall apart in front of their eyes.

In an interview with 100PercentChelsea, a Chelsea supporters YouTube channel, after the game on Saturday, it's clear that one fan called Louis really isn't taking it that well.

In a very sweary three minute rant which is, as the kids say, epic, Louis admits "I feel broken" before laying into players like Cesc Fabregas, a pair of gloating Southampton fans who walk past and "plastic fans" who left the game early.

You lot who left in the 75th minute, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be ashamed. If you're here to watch Chelsea you f---ing stay and you watch Chelsea. You're not a plastic fan. If you want to do that you can f--k off to City. You stupid b------s. You're wasting people's money who want to be here and watch Chelsea.

And don't even get him started on the form of Branislav Ivanovic...

H/T Ibrahim Salha

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