Mike Atherton laughed at the idea of a Super Over halfway through England’s innings

Mike Atherton laughed at the idea of a Super Over halfway through England’s innings

The cricket World Cup final on the weekend was one of the most extraordinary games of sport ever witnessed in this country.

Filled with twists and turns, England and New Zealand could not be separated after 50 overs apiece and even ended up with the same score at the end of their respective Super Overs, the cricket equivalent of a penalty shoot-out but far less common an occurrence.

Ultimately the match was decided by the fact that England had hit more boundaries in the match, a rule that few would have been aware of at the start of the day. What a match, what a sport.

The scenes at the close were genuinely astonishing, as New Zealand attempted to secure two runs but a run out saw England crowned world champions for the very first time. It was hard not to get carried away, given the competition has been held every four years since 1975.

One remarkable moment occurred with England needing 90 runs to win from 75 balls. Former England captain Mike Atherton, on commentary duty for Sky Sports, was tickled by some intel he’d received and uttered the immortal words:

Our producer has got a sense of humour. He’s just reminded us to remind everybody out there that there’ll be a Super Over should this game end in a tie.

The clip concludes with Athers, totally incredulous, chuckling at the very idea. It’s a brilliant clip and one that truly gives a sense of quite how unprecedented the conclusion of the match was.

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