David Beckham and Tom Cruise send fans into a frenzy with ‘iconic’ fist bump at Euro 2020 final

England might have got off to an incredible start at the Euro 2020 final against Italy (before the Italians equalised, and then won...), but there was something else that caught viewers’ attention.

Football legend David Beckham and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise sent Twitter into a frenzy after the pair marked England’s 1-0 lead – which came from Luke Shaw in the opening minutes of the game – with a celebratory fist bump.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to confirm they weren’t imagining things, with many deeming it the “highlight” of their night.

One couldn’t believe their luck and never thought they’d see the day the famous duo would celebrate in such a way.

While others ‘very much enjoyed’ the moment. Cue the jokes.

Just a shame there wasn’t anything more to fist-bump about at the end...

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