Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul fight is off and he’ll be facing Jake Paul instead

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul fight is off and he’ll be facing Jake Paul instead
Dillon Danis strikes Logan Paul with microphone in chaotic pre-fight face-off
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Dillon Danis has claimed his hotly-anticipated fight with Logan Paul is cancelled and that he'll be fighting Paul's brother, Jake, instead.

The MMA fighter accused his Youtuber/boxer opponent of breaking the rules surrounding their weigh-in ahead of their boxing match in Manchester on Saturday, which they are competing in alongside Tommy Fury and KSI, in a series of posts on Twitter/X.

But Paul denied the claims and replied with a video of him on the scales coming in at 194.3lbs.

Danis didn't back down. "He claims he made weight, but it doesn't count," he said. "The rules are the rules."

"If he wants to be viewed as a genuine boxer, he needs to follow the 11 o'clock deadline. Look at the time he posted. It's not fair; I had to follow the rules, and he isn't an exception."

He continued in another post: "The commission's rules state that weigh-ins are between 10 and 11. If you miss the 11 o'clock deadline, you've missed weight. I weighed in at 10:15, but Logan still hasn't.

"The commission said that if he doesn't arrive by the 11am deadline, the fight is off. He missed the weight, but then called misfits and changed the rules to give himself an extra hour.

"We should be on an even playing field, he shouldn't get special treatment. He’s already got more juice than Tropicana. He missed the weight, plain and simple. They’re trying to handicap me as much as possible.'

Then he said he was fighting the other Paul brother instead but whether that ends up being more trash talk to psyche out his opponent or a reality remains to be seen.

However, the Mirror reports that Paul did indeed make weight on time, which would disprove Danis’s claims.

Logan Paul also appeared to dispute the claims by writing: "You wish. See you tomorrow."

What a palava.

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