England star Jack Grealish baffled by what an encyclopedia is after reporter’s question

England star Jack Grealish baffled by what an encyclopedia is after reporter’s question

A clip of England footballer Jack Grealish has gone viral after he was left baffled by a reference to an encyclopedia.

The attacking midfielder was being interviewed by Talk Sport ahead of England’s match against Scotland on Friday.

Confusion was caused when the reporter referred to Aston Villa manager, Dean Smith’s glowing comments about Grealish’s football knowledge.

“Dean Smith also says you’re an encyclopedia of football, what does that come from?”

“A what?” Grealish asks.

“An encyclopedia of football,” the reporter repeated.

“I don’t know what that means,” the Aston Villa player admitted.

“Well, you know what an encyclopedia is, so basically you have an encyclopedic knowledge of football.

“So you know everything there is to know about football.”

The reporter then goes on to explain to Grealish that an encyclopedia is “a book that has descriptions of every word, thing, and everything else in it.”

She adds: “In terms of football, you have an encyclopedic knowledge.”

“Oh” Grealish replies, “Yeah no, I just love watching football.”

The exchange has since gone viral on Twitter, with over 12,000 likes, and hundreds of comments from people who enjoyed the clip.

While other’s appreciated Grealish’s candid honesty.

Many pointed out that the younger generation do not use encyclopedia’s anymore, thanks to modern technology.

In all fairness to Grealish, who reads or has an encyclopedia in this day and age?

While some suggested she should have referred to Wikipedia - the online encyclopedia - instead as that would be a term that the younger generation would be more familiar with.

England face Scotland tomorrow in their next Euro 2020 match, which will take place at Wembley Stadium at 8pm.

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