England's women have a truly spectacular pre-match dance routine

On the verge of England's World Cup third-place play-off against Germany, there were no butterflies in the stomach, no sweaty palms. In fact, the team showed no sign of nerves whatsoever.

Instead, as this video shared by goalkeeper Siobhan Chamberlain shows, the Lionesses spent time in the dressing room dancing away to cheesy 90s music in the form of Steps' 'Tragedy' and '5, 6, 7, 8', and 'Cotton-Eye Joe' by The Rednex...

FIFA WWC | Bronze Medal Match

Ever wondered what goes on in the changing rooms before winning a bronze medal......

Posted by Siobhan Chamberlain on Monday, 6 July 2015

Well, their taste in music might be terrible, but at least they're good at football. The Lionesses beat their old rivals 1-0 to become the second-most successful senior England side since 1966.

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