The England women's team were welcomed home with some everyday sexism... from their own FA

The England women's football team have now returned home after their historic third-placed finish in the World Cup.

So how do you think the second most successful England national team ever was welcomed back by the country's football association? That's right, with some everyday sexism:

Despite being hailed heroes over the past few weeks and even featuring in an FA-branded newspaper advert which listed their achievements in overcoming sexism, the team were reduced to being labelled "mothers, partner and daughters" in a tweet and in a news article on the FA's website.

Perhaps many of them are "mothers, partners and daughters", but would their male counterparts ever be referred to as "fathers, partners and sons"?

The FA's content editor James Callow said: "I reject any accusation of sexism and human interest is a big part of any sport reporting. Id have done the same for England me, absolutely."

However, after receiving a bit of a backlash online, the tweet was deleted and the article updated.

Yet another own goal for England!

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