<p>(From left) France captian, Hugo Lloris, Portugual captain, Cristiano Ronaldo and Germany captain, Manuel Neuer</p>

(From left) France captian, Hugo Lloris, Portugual captain, Cristiano Ronaldo and Germany captain, Manuel Neuer

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Football fans have pointed out the irony that France, Portugal and Germany, who were all in the so-called “group of death” for Euro 2020, have all been knocked out of the competition.

It began on Sunday with Portugal’s 1-0 defeat to Belgium in a last-16 clash before, in a shocking twist, France were defeated by Switzerland in a tense penalty shootout (3-3 and 4-5 on penalties)in the same round.

Germany’s 2-0 defeat by England yesterday at London’s Wembley Stadium put the final nail in the group of death’s coffin and scuppered any title hopes.

As the current World Cup winners, France went into the competition as tournament favourites, while Portugal and Germany were also seen as strong contenders.

At the start of the tournament, the three teams were put together in one group (Group F), along with Hungary, to create an immensely competitive group – hence being dubbed the “group of death.”

The group proved to be lively as anticipated, with France and Germany drawing with Hungary, and France also drawing with Portugal. Final positions in the table were not decided until the final whistle was blown on the third game.

Of course, football Twitter were quick to highlight the irony of no one surviving the group after Germany’s defeat.

While others noted that the teams probably tired each other out which is maybe why they didn’t advance further in the tournament.

The term “group of death” was coined back at the 1970s World Cup in Mexico by local journalists.

It was used to describe Group Three which included Brazil (1962 winners who went on to win the tournament), Czechoslovakia (1962 runners up), England (1966 winners), and Romania.

“Group of death” became an even more popular when it was also used to describe Group E in the 1986 World Cup that included West Germany, Uruguay, Denmark and Scotland.

In both instances, each group at the World Cup had strong teams from Europe and South America.

RIP to the Euro 2020 group of death.

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