This is Sepp Blatter.

You might remember him from such scandals as the one where all what money allegedly went missing, or, when the World Cup was awarded to a country where temperatures reach 50C.

Anyway, he announced this week, just days after being re-elected, that he is stepping down as president as Fifa after realising a lot of his friends were being led from hotels under blankets on their way to being indicted by the FBI.

But Blatter is not going any time soon, as in order to hold another election Fifa needs to hold its Congress, and that is not likely to happen until between December and March.

But worry not! Because in the meantime, Blatter is working very, very hard to eradicate corruption and all its associated ills.

A statement posted on the Fifa website after a meeting between Blatter and Domenico Scala, chairman of Fifa's audit and compliance committee, said that they were "working on the process to instigate meaningful reform of the administration and structure of Fifa".

Blatter himself said: "I want a comprehensive programme of reform and I am very aware that only the Fifa Congress can pass these reforms. Furthermore, the executive committee has a particular duty to share the responsibility of driving this process."

Still don't believe him?

He also tweeted this picture, accompanied by the caption that he was "working hard on reforms".

You can literally see him working hard on reforms.

What a time to be alive.

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