How size doesn't matter at the Olympics - in one incredible photo

How size doesn't matter at the Olympics - in one incredible photo

An Olympic gymnast and volleyball player stood side by side. The results prove that the ideal Olympian body isn't always what you might think.

The Greek Gods who lived atop Mount Olympus, and like the Titans before them, the name evokes the image of colossal beings, giants among humans.

Simone Biles, 19, an athlete on the USA's gymnastics team at Rio 2016 has been amusing the internet by contrasting her 4 foot 8 inch height with the more classically Olympian athletes.

Gymnasts are distinct from most other athletes because generally the smaller they are the better. In a post to Twitter, Biles wrote:

Size difference in olympians doesn't matter, depending on what sport you do ;) 6'8" & 4'8"

It was written to accompany a photo of Biles standing back to back with US Olympic volleyball player David Lee.

The photo that shows off their height difference (over two feet) has been retweeted more than 13,000 times.

In another post Bile posed with US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. It didn't disappoint.

Speaking to Nancy Armor for USA Today, Biles said:

Everyone in the village is so tall...I just feel like I’m going to get stepped on or something.

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