This Olympic swimmer's husband went absolutely crazy cheering her on

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Picture: Clive Rose/Getty

Katinka Hosszú is a Hungarian swimmer who won the 400m individual medley on Saturday, beating GB swimmer Hannah Miley and setting a new world record in the process.

Hosszú’s husband and coach, Shane Tusup, was… well… understandably enthusiastic.

Ecstatic really.

Tusup's reaction was caught on camera, and everyone's fallen a little bit in love with him.

There was a fair bit of arm flapping


And screaming


And the teeth - clench - twitch trio


The victory dip


Some say women playing sports is boring. Does he seem bored to you?

Picture: Clive Rose/Getty

"Alright darling, you can stop bouncing around seriously. Stop."

Picture: Clive Rose/Getty

You can watch the entire, adorable display below:

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