Man has his ice cream stolen right out of his hands on live TV

The theft of someone else's food is an almost unforgivable sin but it's even worse when it is taken right out of someone's hands.

Sadly that's exactly what happened to one unfortunate individual at Monday's NHL match between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Ottawa Senators.

During the Fox Sports broadcast of the fixture, a man standing behind the presenter in the lobby can be seen holding an ice cream cone but is looking at something on his friend's phone.

While he is distracted another man approaches from behind and lifts the cone out of the sleeve that the owner of the ice cream was holding.

The man has no idea what has just happened but soon realises when he returns to eating the dessert and is left completely baffled as to where it has gone.

The moment happened to the left of the screen so might have gone unnoticed but some eagle-eyed viewers picked up on what had just gone down.

Sure enough, the clips went viral and was soon picked up by both the Carolina Hurricanes and Fox Sports.

There is a chance that this whole thing was planned for the cameras but let's not be too sceptical as it is undeniably hilarious.

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