Mayonnaise flavoured ice cream now exists

Photo: iSTOCK / bigacis
Photo: iSTOCK / bigacis

It seems like there’s a new food trend to try every week.

From matcha-dipped strawberries to ‘cronuts’ and pollen-sprinkled acai bowls, chefs are going out of their way to give us forward-thinking new dishes – but is it possible to take it too far?

Scottish gelateria ICE Falkirk seems determined to test these limits by occasionally introducing headline-grabbing, limited edition new flavours.

Last summer, they made all of our dreams come true with a Strongbow Dark Fruit flavour – what’s not to love?

But its latest potential release, teased this week on Instagram, has proven more divisive: mayonnaise ice cream.

It only takes a quick glance through the comments to see that reactions were pretty divided. "I'm going to report this page for hate content," wrote one user. "How dare you desecrate the honour of ice cream with this monstrosity? Ew! No!"

This might be a slightly extreme response, but other users generally agree: it's a very, very weird idea.

Still, it's not hard to see why it makes sense; mayonnaise isn't hugely dissimilar to custard, and savoury ice cream can often be delicious. Plus there's a longstanding joke that people - white people in particular - put mayonnaise on everything, so why not add ice cream into the mix?

A Huffington Postarticle published last year also highlights that mayo-haters don't necessarily loathe the taste, According to two professors, those disgusted by the ubiquitous condiment are usually put off by its texture, its temperature and its, um, apparent resemblance to pus. (Sorry for the mental image.)

Whether you like the idea or not, it's hard to disagree that ICE at least lives up to its website's claim to specialise in "truly unique artisanal ice cream flavours."

Although "unique" might not always be a good thing.

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