Is Liverpool midfielder Joe Allen hidden in this chicken nugget?

An image of a chicken nugget has been widely-shared on social media with people claiming they see the face of Liverpool midfielder Joe Allen in it.

An image of the Welshman, who recently featured on the cover of Chicken & Egg magazine declaring his love for the 16 chickens he keeps at home, has apparently manifested on a chicken nugget which was posted to image-sharing website Imgur.

Liverpool fans appear to be taking this as some sort of sign that the "Welsh Xavi" is their saviour

What do you think, see any similarity?

We've put it in gif form to help:

The image has torn apart the indy100 office, with some reporters seeing Allen while others see Lazar Markovic.

Dear public, please solve editorial relations by telling us who you see in the poll below and in the comments:

Liverpool will be hoping the nugget is a good omen when they face Villareal in the first leg of the Europa League semi-finals next week.

To be honest, we wouldn't read too much into it, no matter how good that Dortmund game was.


HT Liverpool Echo

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