Jack Grealish gives young fan his boots after Euro 2020 final

The Champions League tie between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid this week was overshadowed by a scrap towards the end of the game after City's Phil Foden was hacked down by Atletico's Felipe.

People claimed the ugly scenes weren’t in the spirit of the game, and it wasn’t the sort of thing anyone wants to see in the sport – although if most people were honest, they secretly loved it.

One of the key figures in the post-game handbags was Jack Grealish, who found himself in a heated ‘discussion’ with Atletico centre half Stefan Savic.

There’s footage of their interaction doing the rounds on social media, and you hardly need to be a lip reading expert to work out what Grealish said to the Montenegro international.

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A clip of the aftermath shows Grealish appearing to call Savic a "c***", causing Savic to pull his hair, with the Atletico man utilising the kind of tactics an 8-year-old in a playground might utilise.

Some dispute the claim, though, saying instead that Grealish said “you lost”. The jury's out, but we know what we believe...

It was just one of the talking points in the mass brawl after the game, which saw Atletico defender Felipe sent off for the challenge on Foden.

Savic also pushed his head into Raheem Sterling and somehow avoided a red card.

It came after a 0-0 draw sent City into the semi-final after winning 1-0 in the first-leg, with Savic following Grealish and the other City players down the tunnel after the game.

The scenes turned ugly after full timeMichael Regan/Getty Images

BT commentator Darren Fletcher said during the coverage: “Grealish was walking down the tunnel and Stefan Savic caught up with him. All of a sudden there was a commotion at the mouth of the tunnel and people just ran to that area.

“The two players disappeared from my view but very quickly after four police officers came charging to that area as well. I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened, but Savic was involved again. Grealish was trying to leave the field and it was another very unsavoury incident here. Symptomatic of what we’ve seen over the last 15 minutes.”

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