Jack Grealish steals show during Manchester City's victory parade
Jack Grealish, TikTok

Jack Grealish has been living his best life out in Las Vegas – and despite getting some flack from certain people, fans well and truly have his back on social media.

The Manchester City player has been partying it up in Sin City with England teammate Declan Rice and enjoying himself after a long Premier League campaign.

Pictures circulating on social media also show the 26-year-old having a great time in a pool with Liverpool defender Andy Robertson, and a group of pals.

Grealish, who is Britain’s most expensive footballer, has been in the city since flying out with a group of friends earlier this month.

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Celebrating a title in style is the stuff of dreams for plenty of people around the world, but Grealish has found himself criticised for his actions after enjoying himself until the early hours on his holiday in a number of reports online.

One of the people to support him on social media was Sheffield Wednesday player Barry Bannan, who wrote: “What is jack Grealish actually doing wrong by being in vegas enjoying his time off lay off the kids back most other premier league players doing exact same but nothing being said !”

Another added: "The bloke has just won the Premier League and he plays for England. He is actually living the dream. Leave him be & let him enjoy it.”

The footballer has been enjoying himself after City won the league at the end of last season, and it comes after he was seen celebrating in the most Jack Grealish way possible – by chugging beer on an open-top bus and taking the mick out of his teammates.

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