The viral Jack Grealish 'bubba' song explained

‘I thought you’d forgotten’: Jack Grealish calls young fan after after doing …

British football fans are some of the best in the world when it comes to making up chants, of that there is no doubt.

But for every gem (‘Southgate, you’re the one’ from 2018 is still so great), there’s one that leaves a little to be desired.

The chances are if you’re an England fan, you might have heard a little chant about Jack Grealish doing the rounds on social media.

Here it is, sung by a handful of lads in a pub.

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Song of the World Cup? #snapshoteye #jackgrealish

Now, if you’d seen that out of context, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking it’s pretty awful. And it is.

But what some people don’t realise is that those lads are actually taking the mickey out of a clip that went viral in the days before.

It actually originates with a bloke called Paul Breach. He’s a TikTok creator posting under the username @Beautybeyondthe_eye, and the original song is somehow even more cringe-worthy.

He’s got a couple of hundred thousand followers on social media and he treated them to a song about Manchester City player Jack Grealish, referencing how people became obsessed with him during the Euros last year.

The song, if you hadn't realised, to the tune of September by Earth, Wind and Fire. The lyrics, in all their glory, are: “Do you remember, before the Euros there was a footballer, who no-body knows. His name is Jack Jack. Jack Jack Grealish. His name is Jack Jack. Jack Jack Grealish. And you’re like, he’s my bubba. He’s my bubba boo boo.”

It's not great. It's not great at all. But we’d still like to hear this ringing around Wembley in all its cringey glory very soon.

It just proves that no-one takes the mick quite like the British.

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