Joey Barton hits new low after aiming insult at amputee athlete

Joey Barton hits new low after aiming insult at amputee athlete
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Former footballer Joey Barton has reached a new low after an insult aimed at an amputee amid growing reputation as a keyboard warrior.

Barton has sparked controversy in recent months for making some shocking comments on social media. Some in particular have been labelled “sexist” after he claimed women shouldn’t talk about men’s football.

But recently, Barton took it upon himself to comment on a women’s football match, leading to a pile-on of abuse of one of the team’s 17-year-old players.

Disabled athlete David Williamson, who uses a wheelchair, took issue with the situation and drew attention to some of Barton’s unsavoury past deeds in a post on X/Twitter.

He wrote: “Joey Barton wants to ‘protect women’s spaces’ but is happy to organise a pile-on of a 17-year-old.

“Mind you, he stubbed out a cigar in a youth player’s eye so maybe it’s just kids he likes bullying.”

Barton responded to Williamson with a reference to the 60s TV show Ironside, whose main character was a detective who used a wheelchair.

He replied: “Behave yourself ironside.”

Williamson responded with a hilarious review of the insult and Barton’s career.

He wrote: “Jesus Christ, is that the best that @Joey7Barton can do? I’ve had *both my legs amputated* and all you can come up with is a reference to a TV show from the 60's?

“S**t footballer, s**t opinions, s**t jokes.”

Another replied to Barton: “The funniest thing about your ablest banter, Joey, is the 682 likes from 1.9m impressions.

“Correct me if I'm wrong, but at 0.035% that's worse than your managerial win rate.”

“Barton is onto the disabled now, I see. Suppose it was only a matter of time,” another wrote.

Someone else said: “Bullying the disabled now too. Bet his flock will lap it up too.”

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