Jose Mourinho has been offered a job at the 'worst club in the world'

Louis Dor
Friday 01 January 2016 12:20

Jose Mourinho has been offered a new managerial job, but we’d be very surprised if he took up the offer.

Manchester United and Real Madrid were beaten in the race to contract offers for Mourinho’s services by the infamous Ibis Sport Club.

The Brazilian side have tweeted to make it known that they want Mourinho as their first team manager:

The Brazilian club registered no wins for almost four years between 1980 and 1984 and now dons the nickname “Pior Time do Mundo” (“Worst Team in the World”).

The club tweeted terms which include a small monthly salary on a two-year contract, a gift animal for every defeat and a “salary increase immediately if the team suffer a thrashing”, saying:

At the moment this is what we can do for you, as you are without a club.

The tweet was sent out on December 28th, the Brazilian equivalent of April Fools Day.

Mourinho has yet to comment upon the job offer.

(H/T Telegraph)