Some think England fans were partying with Jurgen Klopp... but all is not as it seems

Some think England fans were partying with Jurgen Klopp... but all is not as it seems

Imagine celebrating England’s victory over Germany with a bonafide Premier League icon.

That’s what a number of football fans did as they drank, sang and got merry outside Wembley stadium with none other than Jurgen Klopp.

Or rather, that’s what some believed – and who can blame them? Their companion was a spitting image of the Liverpool Manager.

It turns out, however, that the fan filmed downing bears and belting out ‘Three Lions’ was just a staggeringly convincing doppelganger.

The man even had Klopp’s glasses, cap and full kit on as he sat upon the shoulders of a fellow fan and revelled in the historic 2-0 win.

Indeed, even seasoned presenter Jonathan Swain seems to have been duped by the extraordinary lookalike.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ correspondent appeared on ‘Lorraine’ shortly after 9am on Wednesday with an update from Wembley.

“As I was going into the stadium I caught up with Jurgen Klopp as well, the Liverpool manager, of course he’s German,” Swain gushed.

"He was a great sport yesterday, chatting to many of the England fans.

"Even after the match he was on the shoulders of some England supporters drinking a can of beer just here on Wembley way. What a tremendous chap he is."

Swain even posted a picture of himself with the Klopp replicant on Twitter last night, bragging: "I think I might be alright for match commentary."

Social media users have delighted in the apparent deception, with one writing: “Do you genuinely think Klopp would be cutting around in his time off in full Liverpool gear? You’ve been right royally had here."

And others pointed out that the duplicate Klopp had made appearances at Liverpool matches in the past:

Others offered Swain the benefit of the doubt and suggested he was only pretending to have been tricked:

We, meanwhile, agree with most users’ assessments: that Klopp number two really does look identical to the original, and it’s truly blowing our minds.

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